Saturday, August 11, 2012


There are some plants that have some preternatural abilities at least so it seems. Venus fly traps for one are a crazy kind of plant that eat bugs. Most plants can't catch there own food but these can. Other plants like Mimosa Hostilis cause contain chemicals that have amazing effects on humans at least according to the native peoples of South America. I have always wondered why all of the cool plants are from South America. Maybe I should move there someday.


Preternatural is that which is outside the natural. Not supernatural but just simply not natural. For example Vampires are supernatural but in fiction they possess preternatural strength.

1. beyond what is ordinarily found in nature; abnormal
2. another word for supernatural
[from Medieval Latin praeternātūrālis, from Latin praeter natūram beyond the scope of nature]
preternaturally  adv
preternaturalism  n
preternaturalness , preternaturality n

This Site is a directory of all of the preternatural things I can find.